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About us

Signal and video processing specialists providing Mission Ready Technology to government, defence and homeland security markets

Rheinmetall Electronics UK have been part of the Rheinmetall Group since 2009. The company was formerly known as RFEL Ltd and was established in 1999 to advance digital signal processing.

Rheinmetall Electronics UK provide high specification signal and video processing products to government, defence, security and communications customers. The offering also includes situational awareness systems for armoured vehicles, long range surveillance video processors and products for electronic warfare and cyber applications. The company is part of the Boxer MIV and Challenger 3 team, which drives two of the most important modernisation programs for the British Army.

Our technologies

Rheinmetall Electronics UK’s Mission Ready Technology is based upon our world-leading video and signal processing algorithms. When implemented on Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) or System on Chip (SOC) devices, these provide low-latency and high-performance processing right at the sensor, delivering a critical advantage for our customers.

As well as providing turn-key products, our technologies are available as components, to support developers and integrators who are looking to advance their offering by embedding Rheinmetall Electronics UK capability within their wider products.

Our team

Rheinmetall Electronics UK’s headquarters are located on the Isle of Wight, on the South Coast of the United Kingdom, within two hours of most London airports. Rheinmetall Electronics UK also have a UK mainland office in Southampton and representation in the U.S., through our partner organisation American Rheinmetall Systems.

To deliver world-class solutions, Rheinmetall Electronics UK need a world-class team. The multi-disciplined engineering team covers modelling, systems design, algorithm development, software and hardware development, mechanical and RF design, as well as PCB and product design.

Systems & products

TRAILBLAZER vehicle vision sensor

TRAILBLAZER improves driver and crew effectiveness by extending the view beyond the daylight spectrum, even in adverse weather, obscured or low-light conditions. Featuring very low-latency front and rear video camera units, it aids the driver in terrain negotiation, obstacle avoidance and route selection. Independent wide-angle situational awareness channel outputs give crew and commander a powerful surveillance and threat detection capability. TRAILBLAZER is GVA compliant and has both digital and analogue variants making it easy to integrate on a wide range of platforms.

TRAILBLAZER is available in a range of variants, offering users a modular system which can be built from a simple one camera system through to full situational awareness, complete with mechanical cleaning module.


ENHANCER HD video processor

Connect ENHANCER to your HD digital or analogue camera, or recorded source, to provide an instant performance boost to security, surveillance and situational awareness systems. A high performance, plug-and-play, real-time standard and high-definition video processor, ENHANCER applies Rheinmetall Electronics UK’s best-in-class video enhancement technology, for a visibly improved video image.


ATACAMA video processor

Combat the effects of atmospheric turbulence, haze or obscurants on long-range imagery by connecting Rheinmetall Electronics UK’s ATACAMA video processor to correct the distortion in real-time. Compatible with HD digital, analogue or recorded sources, ATACAMA applies world-leading video enhancement technology for a visibly improved image in the presence of turbulent atmospheric distortion such as heat haze. ATACAMA deploys the world leading video processing software ATCOM, by EM Photonics, Inc., on a small, embedded form factor.


Channelizer Design Suite

EW receiver technology

A powerful channeliser design tool that allows users to develop, model and synthesize a wide range of channeliser configurations, using Rheinmetall Electronics UK’s market-leading ChannelCore Flex™ Channeliser IP. Cores can be configured with a range of build-time design parameters. Users can explore the trade-space quickly and easily and consider Features vs. Resource Utilisation vs. Cost. The tool provides a full bit-true model allowing RF behaviour to be analysed in detail. The resultant secure cores are synthesizable via native integration with Vivado IP Integrator.
Certifications & partners

Our partners

  • British Standards Institute
  • ADS – Aerospace Defence Security
  • AOC – Association of Old Crows
  • Technology Partners
    • Xilinx Alliance Programme
    • MathWorks Connections Programme
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