Air defence systems

Guarding against the threat from above

Rheinmetall is one of the world's foremost makers of advanced air defence systems. The company leads the global market in automatic cannon-based air defence, and is the sole system supplier able to offer fire control technology, automatic cannon, integrated guided missiles and Ahead airburst ammunition.

Air surveillance and tracking radars round off the portfolio. The company has more than fifty years experience in the design, development and manufacturing of radar systems. 

Furthermore, Rheinmetall develops innovative solutions in the domain of public security, for instance for drone defence.

Guarding against the threat from above

System solutions – all from a single source

The complex requirements imposed on short- and very short-range air defence have become much more complex in recent years. Both quantitatively and qualitatively, the air threat continues to mutate and multiply. Increasingly, the emphasis is on unmanned air vehicles and precision guided munitions that are smaller, faster and more agile than ever: only the most sophisticated air defence systems can stop them. Today, civil infrastructure needs to be defended too, particularly from terrorist attacks.

Ground forces all over the world therefore count on Rheinmetall's state-of-the-art air defence solutions. Fully automated and extremely effective, our high-performance systems are ideal for protecting forward operating bases and other high-value assets from modern asymmetric threats. Thanks to the company's Ahead technology, they can take out even the smallest targets.

Rheinmetall advises and supports clients on fielding and maintaining new and existing weapon systems. We include training programmes, and supply combat performance upgrades to extend the useful service life of systems and equipment. For example, aging automatic cannons can be retrofitted with advanced Ahead technology. Ammunition, individual weapons and complete air defence systems all undergo comprehensive testing at the company's proving ground at Ochsenboden in Switzerland.

Live demonstration

Air Defence Systems Group 2018

The fourth edition of the 35mm Air Defence Systems Group took place at the Rheinmetall facilities in Zurich, Switzerland, from 17 to 19 September 2018. The highlight of the event was a live demonstration of the Oerlikon Skyranger Gun and the Oerlikon Twin Gun GDF009 EO. Each system successfully engaged dynamic targets.
Oerlikon Skyshield® Air Defence System

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