April 13, 1889Founding of the “Rheinische Metallwaaren- und Maschinenfabrik Aktiengesellschaft” by metals and mining conglomerate Hoerder Bergwerks- und Hüttenverein; operations were established and expanded under the direction of the engineer Heinrich Ehrhardt.
1889A plant is set up in Düsseldorf-Derendorf
1898Presentation of the first barrel recoil cannon fit for field service
1901Acquisition of Sömmerda-based Munitions- und Waffenfabrik from Dreyse
1919Changeover to nonmilitary products (locomotives, steam plows, office equipment) because of the terms and conditions laid out in the Treaty of Versailles
1920A bond to the value of 25 million marks is issued in order to be able to maintain production despite the tribulations of the early post-war years (production changeover, industrial disputes, supply bottlenecks)
1921Resumption of military production
1925Capital increase, the German Reich acquires majority stake
1933Takeover of locomotive manufacturer August Borsig GmbH
as a future arms production plant in Berlin


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