Laser aiming devices & Laser light modules

The following will provide you with a brief overview of the various products. For more detailed information, please contact the relevant subsidiary.

Laser aiming devices – Laser light modules (LLM)


Laser light modules enable accurate target acquisition and target marking using a variety of illumination sources. In low light conditions or complete darkness, soldiers equipped with night vision goggles can use the infrared near-field illumination to illuminate their surroundings and illuminate targets. The IR aiming laser is used to mark targets even at long distances. The laser markers facilitate intuitive use of the weapon without using scopes.

Each laser light module has an attachment system that enables quick mounting on the weapon. All modules are designed for the most demanding applications and guarantee the user reliable and powerful quality during use. Waterproof up to 30m.

Laser aiming devices – Laser modules (LM)

Laser modules simplify the intuitive use of the weapon without sights by virtually extending the weapon's barrel. The very flat mounting height, which does not affect the line of sight, is a special feature of the laser modules from Rheinmetall Soldier Electronics. Mounted red dot sights are not affected when these modules are top mounted. The laser modules impress with very low weight, an integrated picatinny mount and shot resistance for even the most powerful calibres. With optional Y-cable, a separate tactical weapon light (e.g. TL-MissionLight) can be easily combined and operated. Waterproof up to 30m.

Laser Aiming Device – with IR-LED Vicinity Illumination


The TwinBeam MK II will be delivered with two different laser markers (e.g. one visible / one invisible) and with infrared LED for vicinity illumination.

Compact in design and full aluminum housing with less than 26 mm above the accessory rail and a total weight of 160/170 g only (without options) are further advantages.

The assembling of possible options (red dot sight, lumenator for weapons) is made directly on an optional Picatinny rail on top. The laser module is operated either direct on the unit by push buttons or remote controlled by trigger/trigger cable (option).

Boresight Laser Adjustment Device – BarrelBeam

The BarrelBeam laser is a develop-ment based on long experience and thousands of target lasers built. The laser module is delivered to-gether with the caliber bar. Gently rotating, it creates a circle which is centered on the centerline of the caliber bar. By adjusting the X and Y axis of the laser the centerline of the caliber bar will be exactly defined. This allows boresight verification at all times to verify the correct adjustment of target lasers or optical sights. Available with red (visible) or infrared (invisible for the eyes) laser beam.

Modular tactical weapon light - Tactical light (TL)


The Tactical Light TL-MissionLight is a modular lamp system that has been specially developed for extreme environmental conditions. Thanks to the modular product concept, the TL-MissionLight can be individually configured for each specific operational scenario.

The TL-MissionLight withstands even the most challenging conditions thanks to proven shockproof quick-fit mounting systems and is waterproof up to 30m in salt water (for 2h, IP68) in any configuration. Different lamp heads as well as operation via remote control cable are selectable. With optional Y-cable, a separate laser module (e.g. LM-VTAL) can be easily combined and operated. Also suitable for use with third-party laser modules.

Range finder with ballistic computer - FCS-TacRay Ballistic

The Fire Control System FCS-TacRay Ballistic is specially developed for sniper rifles. It improves the first hit probability and includes a ballistic computer. In addition to the integrated tactical rangefinder (LRF, range up to 2500m), this module contains an IR aiming laser and an electronically focusable IR illuminator as well as a visible aiming laser. The integrated OLED display shows the distance to the target and the calculated click setting for the rifle scope.

40mm Fire Control Systems - FCS-MR500 & FCS-MR800

The FCS-MR500 and FCS-MR800 significantly increase the first round hit probability of a 40mm grenade launcher (LV/MV) by correcting the elevation angle. Both units include an IR aiming laser and an IR illuminator, which enhance night combat capability. The FCS-MR800 has a built-in tactical rangefinder (LRF), an airburst programmer and a compact servo motor for automatic elevation angle adjustment.

Weapon Night Sight – KN200 / KN250

KN200 and KN250 image intensifiers are add-on units that give optical day sights a night time capability. The night vision image is viewed through the eyepiece of the day sight. This allows the user to retain the same eye position, aiming reticle and magnification for both day and night use.

Day and night binocular – KDN250

The KDN250 observation binoculars are based on a unique design which provides high quality night and day vision. The two channels can be separated, allowing the night channel to be utilised on additional optical systems.

Night vision goggles – GN

The GN night vision goggles are the smallest and lightest device of this type ever produced. Their unique design combines comfort and ease of use with a high-performance night vision capability.

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